Research Area

Culturally Relevant Media Production

A set of criteria socially conscious media producers can use to produce effective instructional entertainment content.

Culturally Relevant Media Production requires that the following three criteria be observed during the development of all products that have prosocial goals for our society:

  1. Instructional Methods and Theories: Make use of proven educational methods and theories. The methods and theories chosen by the producer should be those that are most appropriate for the specific media format the product will be delivered through.
  2. Culturally Conscious Content: The content presented should be accurate and respectful of all cultural groups (and when possible, multiple cultural perspectives should be provided in a story).
  3. Critical Thinking Skills Support: Include content that supports the development of critical thinking skills and helps promote positive self-discovery.

Current research

  1. Article in Progress
    “Stereotypes vs. strategies: Toward a theory of culturally relevant media production.”
  2. Online Resource
    I am developing an online resource for media producers, media consumers, educators, and parents who are interested in culturally relevant media. The site will be an evolving online information portal with strategies and guidelines that can be followed during the production process. Existing media products will also be reviewed and graded to determine if and how they follow the Culturally Relevant Media Production criteria.